dustmite free pillow.

 A few weeks ago I was asked if my littlest pink person (3yo) would like to trial the Madii & Dyl pillow range.  As the little pink’s relationship with her old pillow was a little ‘on the rocks’ it seemed like this might be a good idea.   In an effort to be like her big sisters she desperately wants to have a pillow,  but  doesn’t seem at all interested in using it once she gets into bed.   As soon as the covers go on she grabs teddy and snuggles down far enough to rest her head on the mattress – thus totally avoiding her pillow.

~Our Review~

We pickup our trial pillow at a recent Brand Meet Blog meeting and brought it home for its  ‘sleep drive’.  The first things we noticed about the Madii & Dyl pillow  when we got it home  was its size.  Much smaller than a regular adult pillow it did looked a little unusual on the bed.  Little pink was undeterred by this and immediately climbed up on her bed to rest her head.   Her words “my pillow Mummy – like it“.   She then helped  Teddy, Yellow Teddy, Uppsy-Daisy and  Mr Potato Head to conduct their own sleep tests, and it seems they all agreed it would be okay for the new pillow to stay.   But the real test would be if she’d actually use it come bed time.    That night little pink climbed up into bed, put her head on her pillow and there it  stayed and has done every night since.  Little pink is now a happy pillow user.

The Madii & Dyl pillows come in three sizes suitable for newborns (Sooki babe $39 – especially for day time head support), toddlers  (Teenii Tot  $49 – for 18 months plus) and  young children  (Mini Me $59 – 4 plus years).  We trialed the  Mini Me which has  a flip wave design, meaning the pillow can be flipped over for added comfort as your child grows.   For more information about the Madii & Dyl range and the age/size specifications please check out their website.

Things we love about the Madii & Dyl Pillow ~

  • The smaller size seems much better suited to little necks and heads.
  • The promotional information states that it’s “naturally resistant to dust mites, mildew and bacteria and provides maximum air flow, which prevents moisture and heat build-up”  Great for allergy sufferers or heavy sweaters.
  • The pillow can be washed (by hand or machine) without losing its softness or shape. We haven’t done this yet  but I’m happy to know we can, because this pillow is sure to have a rough life now that it belongs to a three year old.  Sickness, sweat, tears – it’ll  get the lot!
  • The pillow has  a 5 year plus guarantee.
  • The littlest pink loves it and still refers to it as her ‘special pillow’ after using it for over four weeks.
  • It was designed by a mother of two who was struggling to find a suitable option for her own children

Room for improvement with the Madii & Dyl Pillow~

  • Hard to find a pillow slip to fit – due to its smaller size.  Might have to make some myself.
  • The look of the smaller sized pillow on the bed might take a little getting used to.  But on the plus side this leaves a  good amount of room for the necessary collection of special toys kids take to bed.  Teddy and Mr Potato Head are very pleased!


~The Giveaway~

Would you like to trial a Maddi & Dyl Pillow with your little ones?  Well the lovely people from Madii & Dyl have agreed to give one lucky The Truth About Mummy reader the chance to trial (and keep) one of these pillows for their own little person. The giveaway winner will get to select the age appropriate pillow and will also receive  two of Maddi & Dyls eco friendly air spun luxe face flannels  (which you can also read about on their website).    All you need to do to have a chance to win  this great giveaway is to follow the three steps below:

  1. Follow The Truth About Mummy with Google Friends or RSS feed (over in the right hand sidebar).
  2. Leave a comment below telling me how you follow The Truth About Mummy  and which of the three pillows you’d like to win.
  3. For an extra entry share this giveaway on Facebook or Twitter and leave a second comment telling me you’ve done so.
  • Giveaway closes on the 2nd of August, 2011 and is open to all Australian residents.
  • The winner will be contacted via email and asked for a mailing address so the pillow can be sent out.
  • If the winner does not respond within 48 hours the giveaway will be re-drawn.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary Madii & Dyl Mini Me pillow for the purpose of conducting this review.  I have not received any payment and all opinions expressed are completely  my own and my littlest pinks!  Thanks~you for reading.